While Rice’s performance was great the Ball State rushing defense wasn’t. Ball State was ranked 99th nationally in rushing defense.

Ball State isn’t a genuine killer of bowl games possibly, Togel Hongkong played in six & received none. Such will be the state of college football now when thirty two bowl video games are played involving sixty four teams and there are just 119 to select from. Rutgers finished the season of its at 8 5 (not THAT huge of a deal) and Ball State dropped to 7 6 (at least it wasn’t a losing season).

GMAC Bowl – Tulsa Capitalizes on Stupid Bowling Green Mistakes, 63-7

Give Bowling Green some props for making it to the GMAC Bowl. They didn’t eliminate the automobile they utilized to reach the stadium. They managed to get dressed on their own. But that has been about it. If this came some time to show up, the Falcons managed to fumble four times in the very first one half as well as the opponent of theirs, Tulsa, easily scored four touchdowns to draw a 35 0 halftime lead.

The rest was all downhill for Bowling Green as they lost 63 7 to complete the season at 8 5 (at least it was a winning record, that’s much more than a number of bowl losers are able to say). The effect was probably the most lopsided (fifty six points) in this year’s 32 game bowl routine. Before the GMAC Bowl, Bowling Green had received its last four consecutive bowl outings.

“We had been out of it before we had been in it,” said Bowling Green coach Gregg Brandon.

Tulsa brought three things to the GMAC Bowl: the nation’s 10th best scoring offense, the nation’s 3rd best passing offense and also the nation’s No. one total offense. They showed why the Golden Hurricane is able to score sixty three points in a game.

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