IMPORTANT: you must never give your bot’s token to anybody you don’t trust, and never in any circumstances force it to a public Git repo where every person is able to see it.

The token provides you with complete access to your bot account’s permissions, therefore if someone gains access to it maliciously they might do discord bot number of things that are bad with the bot — this consists of leaving all of the guilds of its (servers), spamming bad links or maybe mail messages in written text channels, deleting messages/channels inside guilds in which it’s moderator permissions, along with other unpleasant material along those lines. Keep it a secret!

Nevertheless, in case your token already does get compromised or maybe you think that it’s been, the primary thing you need to do is actually visit the Discord Apps page of its, press “click to reveal” in the App Bot User section, then click “Generate a brand new token?” as well as “Yes, do it!” in the confirmation dialog. This can provide you a distinctive, brand new token which you are able to upgrade your bot’s code with.

Afterwards, take the right steps to put this latest token in a protected spot where it cannot be leaked or perhaps compromised once again. In case you’d love to open source your bot’s code without disclosing its token, you are able to keep the token in a distinct file (which your bot is able to stuff the token from), then simply pour this particular file to.gitignore to make sure it is not published together with the majority of your bot.

5 years back, Discord launched as merely a browser app. No desktop app, no telephone. Several of you might be gasping at this early secret.

At the start, we needed to be certain that everybody may access the chats of theirs and hang out with the buddies of theirs from anywhere, without having to be concerned about installations and downloads. To support a fully functional, browser only experience was the simplest way to do this goal.

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